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Production and website update

Paul DanielComment

Pilot production units are moving right along, and we only have a few left! After the last few sell, we will be re-tooling for our full production run. Estimated release is mid-December. I’ll be posting a customer gallery on the website this week to showcase some of the great builds by our customers.

Speaking of the website, there have been a number of updates in the last month. We added a custom motor mount plate option for anyone with a frame that is not suitable for the standard mounting options. Also, there is now a user FAQ for helping new users get the most out of their kit. This includes general usage as well as using the Eggrider display and app. This will be continually updated with trouble shooting tips.

Install instruction video on Youtube

Paul DanielComment

We shipped the first Pilot production kits this week, and we are in the process of updating our instruction manual. In the meantime, we uploaded step by step video instructions. Check it out here. Apologies for the poor camera work and sound quality! Any feedback on these videos would be very helpful.

Long overdue update

Paul DanielComment

Hi All,

I just wanted to give a quick update for those that are visiting, but not on our pre-order list. We have launched our pilot production run! See the store for details. This limited run of pilot kits are offered at a slight discount from the serial production kits that are coming soon.

Despite the production launch, our beta testers continue to pile miles onto the kits to make sure they are reliable in customer hands.

Thanks to for posting an article on the Revel Mid-Drive, you can find it here:

Progress Update and Pre-Order sign up


We have been keeping busy making progress towards finalizing the design of the motor, range testing the batteries, and analyzing the data from our test motors.

With a few minor changes this is what the motor kit will look like.

With a few minor changes this is what the motor kit will look like.

Our plan is to launch a pre-order of 20 motor kits, which will be sold at a special price to those who have been following our progress and are interested in being part of the initial launch. Those initial 20 customers will provide feedback in exchange for a discount. If you are interested in being part of this pre-order program, sign up below for more info and to stay up to date with the development.

Most recent battery build, the production battery will have black wires and connectors.

Most recent battery build, the production battery will have black wires and connectors.

Range testing and fall colors


We’re currently in the process of determining which cells we will use in our production batteries. While experimenting with different cells, we’re also range testing our batteries. There’s no better way to do this than to get out and ride. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

Yesterday I was able to get out on a longer ride, and since we are testing our range at the highest output from the motor, I brought two batteries with me. I took the Salsa Fargo and headed out on one of my favorite gravel roads, Anderson Creek. This climb is familiar as it is quiet and one of the quickest ways to get out of town and into the woods.

Before I knew it I was at the top of the first climb, where the fog was obstructing what normally is an amazing view of the mountains spanning to the coastal range. With no view to take in, I got back on the bike and headed downhill. I appreciated the pedal assist for several reasons on my ride but one major benefit this time of year was not getting too hot and sweaty on the climb which meant I wasn’t cold on the descent.


As I dropped down towards the Little Applegate river, the trees began to change from evergreen to deciduous and the colors from green to vibrant yellows and orange. Riding downriver through a tunnel of fall colors I realized I had already ridden twenty miles while it felt like I was just warming up.

The remainder of the ride was along rolling paved back roads into Jacksonville. From there it was an easy cruise to the bike path and back to Ashland. Once home I looked at the computer: 59.7 miles with 5,100 ft. of elevation and a ride time of four and a half hours. I drained two batteries, but keep in mind this was at full power from the motor with a fair amount of ascending.

Soon we will be testing the motors at the lower power settings and will have a better idea of battery range. In the meantime stay tuned for more ride reports and updates on our progress and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well!

First ride on the beta motor kit.


Things are moving along!

There are so many pieces to the puzzle when you are building something from scratch, and in our case a fairly involved piece of equipment. When operating on a small scale you have to be creative and patient. Often times it is difficult to source parts, or get them machined when dealing in small quantities rendering the prototyping process that much more challenging. Needless to say there have been some delays in our progress. The last couple of weeks however, we've been putting the pieces of the puzzle together and now the first of 10 motors is installed on a bike. 


For my test bike, I chose a Salsa Fargo. I opted to replace the stock dirt drop bars with Jones Loop bars for multi-position comfort and control. A rigid 29er is a super versatile bike, confident and comfortable on the vast network of dirt roads we have in Southern Oregon, and capable on single track as well. I'm looking forward to riding this bike on reconnaissance rides, being able to explore the faint two-track that might not be on the map, knowing I can ride longer and not be totally spent if that road or trail dead ends at the bottom of a drainage. 

Drive side shot of the prototype motor kit. 

Drive side shot of the prototype motor kit. 

Non-drive side view of motor, controller, and battery.

Non-drive side view of motor, controller, and battery.

The first couple rides were short but I was rather impressed wit the performance and how quiet it is. It feels very intuitive, as if you're just riding really strong or perhaps there is a generous tailwind at your back. I'm looking forward to reporting back when we have some sense of the range. Time to go ride it some more!