Revel Propulsion Ebike Mid Drive Conversion Kits

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Our Story

Our obsession with making a converted ebike as good or better than a purpose built ebike began in 2010. Starting with high power bikes that resembled motorcycles, we were firm believers in the “more power is better” philosophy. As we added more battery capacity to improve range, the bikes got heavier and heavier. As avid mountain and road bikers, we realized we were straying too far from our roots. Motorcycles are fun, but nothing beats the feeling of a lightweight bike for handling tight single track or a twisty road or dodging traffic.

These early prototypes and testing led us to what we think is the best compromise in terms of power, weight and range. We wanted a street legal ebike that felt like a bike, with minimal weight and good range with an intuitive feel.

We have 10+ years of light electric vehicle engineering experience with companies such as Brammo, Cummins and Boosted. This helps us develop the best possible powertrain for a given application.