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How do i turn it on?

Your battery is shipped in the off state. To turn it on, press and hold the orange battery button until one of the LEDs turns green. There should be a brief scrolling of green LEDs that show the state-of-charge. Once your battery is on, you don’t need to turn it off (if you are storing or shipping your bike). Once the battery is on, you should only turn the bike on and off using the power button on the top of the Eggrider display.

How do i turn it off?

As noted above, turn off the bike using the power button on the top of the Eggrider display. Using the battery power button to cut power may cause errors in the display. As noted above, for shipping or long term storage, the battery can be turned off by pushing and holding the battery button until you see a red LED. The red LEDs will scroll indicating power off. For very long term storage, the battery can be put into sleep mode. To activate sleep mode, push and hold the button until all of the LEDs turn red. They should slowly fade indicating sleep mode. To exit sleep mode, simply press the button.

What do the buttons on the display do?

The power button turns the bike on and off. The mode button switches between road (class 1) and offroad (class III) modes. Pressing and holding the mode button shows ride statistics. Up and down arrows increase/decrease the assist mode. Pressing and holding the down arrow turns on the headlight circuit. More information on the Eggrider display can be found here:

Yes, the android and IOS apps are available. In order to activate your display, use shop name: revel propulsion , order number: 1902071. Please note that increasing motor power or phase current from the eggrider app will void the Revel motor warranty.


Just tight enough to take the slack out of your chain. Any tighter increases noise and wear.

How tight should my chain idler screw be?

My bike stopped working and the display is showing “--” instead of actual numbers for power and speed.

This means that your display has been reset to Eggbikes factory settings. Please use the Eggrider app to update the settings to match the Revel settings linked here.

Although the motor chain requires less maintenance than the bike chain, we recommend cleaning and lubing it when you do so to your bike chain (starting after the factory wax coating has worn off). Make sure your bike is powered off first!


Yes, the display cable has a 5.5 x 2.5mm female barrel connector that is powered from the ASI controller. It is 6V, for a maximum of 0.5 amps. About 3W. This is sufficient for commuting lights like those from Roxim and Supernova. To activate the headlight circuit, press and hold the down button on the eggrider display.


Just plug in the charger into the power jack on the side of the battery. Green LEDs will pulse indicating the state-of-charge.


This is a super tight connection. Please do not apply excessive force. We recommend gently warming with a hair dryer or heat gun. This will soften the rubber enough to reduce the force required.

How do I disconnect the display cable?