Revel Propulsion


Paul Daniel


Paul has had an interest in bicycles and design since high school when he started building carbon fiber bikes and components in his garage. He went on to get a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the university of Alberta and later a masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia with a focus on green technology and electro-chemistry. 

He developed his passion for making fillet brazed steel bikes under the Peyto brand for three years before working in the fuel cell technology industry. He put his education to use as a Mechanical Designer working for Fuel Cell Energy Inc. Most recently Paul was Principle Battery Engineer for Brammo Inc. where he led the development of multiple electric vehicle battery packs. 

Revel started out as a side project in his free time that coupled his passion for bicycles with his knowledge and expertise in battery technology. Seeing the magnitude of potential e-bikes bring to the world Paul saw it as a good time dedicate himself to designing a product that will allow people the benefits of pedal assist electric motors with a bike already in their garage. 

An avid mountain biker, Paul enjoys riding motorized and non-motorized bikes alike. In 2011 he was the winner of the Death Race in Tucson, AZ a motorized bicycle race.